Saturday, April 27, 2013

Home Study Vist #1

Well friends.....

I am happy to announce we have finished our first home study visit!


It really wasn't half as bad as I was making it up in my mind. Our social worker was about our age and made us feel really comfortable! Our first visit was actually our home tour, so needless to say I have been a cleaning fool these last couple of days.
Our crazy weim Porter did offer her his slobbery bone....if that doesn't win her over and automatically give us the gold star of approval, I don't know what will!
No one can pass up his adorable face :)
So onto visit #2 in the next couple of weeks! This is bringing us one step closer to being accepted onto the "official" waiting list for our orphanage!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The Hubs and I are very excited to announce we are

I initially was not going to blog about this adventure but the more I think about it, I want a place that I can refer back to throughout this journey. I have found that reading about other adoption journeys have been SOO helpful.

We have been praying about this process for about a year. We feel called to international adoption and more importantly the country of Taiwan.

This country has one of the lowest birth rates and that is because of their astonishing abortion numbers. That is due in large part to the number of un-wed and teenage pregnancies.
We have been in contact with this particular orphanage and mother's home in Taiwan and until March their waiting list has been closed. We found out in mid-March that we were #18 on their waiting list for an application and since they only work with 20 families at a time, we got one that same day!!
They will review our application and home study and then will decide if we are approved to go on their waiting list for a referral.
We are currently beginning our home study and will reveal all the wonderful info about the orphanage/mother's home when we are "officially" approved!
We are so excited to begin this journey and appreciate your prayers along the way!