Sunday, May 12, 2013

Second Home Study..........Check!

It feels SO good to make some progress! I know that once our homestudy is fully finished the waiting will begin again....but it's nice to do something productive in the meantime.

I am fully understanding why they call it a paper chase! Mountains of copies and paperwork and notaries and forms and fingerprints and physicals. Enough to make your head spin. This is how I currently feel:

I am so worried about forgetting something that I have to have everything stowed away in a binder, labeled...type A personality is sneaking out :)

I've heard that putting the Dossier together is just a exhilarating....

But hubs and I had our individual interviews this past week and we both think they went well! It's always intimidating to reveal your whole life story in front of someone but our social worker is truly great.

Next week we will have our final meeting and then off to editing our home study goes and then off to Taiwan!

We are finishing up loose ends and our 10 hour education/book readings in the meantime.

A celebration is sure to ensue after the home study completion!

Until next time....

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